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NASA Kids Club Astronomy for Kids
Nine Planets for Kids Science U (Astronomy)
Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids Windows to the Universe
Solar System Adventures Web Quest Amazing Space
Visitor's Guide to the Solar System Web Quest Space.com
Ology: Astronomy American Museum of Nat. History Moon Phases
Windows to the Universe Today's Moon Phase
The Phaser Lunar Odyssey Phases of the Moon
Astronomy Enchanted Learning Space Day Games
Space Science Links Franklin Institute BrainPOP Space
Sun & Seasons Science Lab Dirtmeister BrainPOP Jr Space
Science News for Kids  
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Energy Kids Page Electro-Magnets *
Kids Konnect  
Kids Zone Electric Avenue  
BrainPOP Electricity BrainPOP Electromagnets
BrainPOP Current Electricity BrainPOP Electric Circuits
BrainPOP Static Electricity  
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Weather Glossary EPA Water Cycle
Weather Wiz Kids
Water Cycle (US Geological Survey)
Weather Dude Kidzone Water Cycle
Kaboose Weather Links
Picadome Elementary Water Cycle Page
Web Weather for Kids
NJ Kids’ Water Zone
Edheads Weather Activities *
Water Cycle
What Is Weather? BBC* Kids' Crossing Water Cycle
Weather Watch Scholastic* Water Cycle Enchanted Learning
Weather Proverbs Quiz * Weather Quizzes Mt. Wash. Observatory*
Annenberg Weather Page Weather Quizzes Meteorologist Page*
FEMA Kids' Disaster Area Funbrain Weather Dog Quizzes *
Kids' Crossing Weather Arcade Mt. Wash. Observatory
AccuWeather Games * Weather, Seasons & Climate
Cool Weather Destinations The Adventures of Weather Lizard
NOAA Research Activities Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
Storm Fax Weatherlore Weather Ed Franklin Institute
Weather Simulation How to Read a Weather Map
Weather Eye National Weather Service Kids' Page
Weather & Climate Basics Cloud Formation Science Lab Dirtmeister
BrainPOP Weather & Climate Weather Research Tools Scholastic
BrainPOP Jr Weather Today in Weather History
  Science News for Kids
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MOS Inventors Toolbox Classification of Levers
MOS Gadget Anatomy
Lever Animations Enchanted Learning
MOS Leonardos Mystery Machine * MIKIDS Simple Machines
Foss Levers & Pulleys Simple Machines * (University of Utah)
Franklin Institute Simple Machines Dirtmeister Simple Machines (Scholastic)
Rats of NIMH Simple Machines Dirtmeister Lab on Levers
Lever Animations Edheads Simple Machines *
Understanding Levers Machines Make Life Easier
BrainPOP Simple Machines Simple Machines Quiz
BrainPOP Work  
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Franklin Institute Rocks and Minerals
Rocks & Minerals University of ND
This Planet Really Rocks!
Mineralogy for Kids The Dragon's Cave - find minerals*
Rock Cycle Rock Cycle Wicked Science
Mineral Photos Geo Mysteries
Annenberg Interactives
The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom
BrainPOP Rock Cycle The Image (mineral & gemstone pictures)
BrainPOP Types of Rocks BrainPOP Fossils
BrainPOP Crystals BrainPOP Mineral Identification
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How Stuff Works Volcano World
FEMA Kids Parts of a Volcano
US Geologic Survey Annenberg Interactives
USGS Volcano Hazards  
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How Stuff Works Understanding Earthquakes
US Geologic Survey What's Shakin'?
USGS for Kids FEMA Kids
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Habitats National Geographic Biomes of the World
Exploring Ecosystems Exploring Ecosystems
Virtual World: Rainforest at Night Biomes
Endangered Ecosystems Scholastic Freshwater Ecosystems
The Wild Habitat Thinkquest Marine Ecosystems
Biomes of the World Life in a Pond
Kidport: Animal Homes Virtual Pond Dip
Acid Rain Science Lab Dirtmeister Wildlife Ponds
Mangroves Amer. Museum of Nat. History BrainPOP Jr Habitats
Habitats/Biomes Enchanted Learning BrainPOP Ecosystems
Rainforests Enchanted Learning BrainPOP Land Biomes
Pond Life Enchanted Learning  
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Creature World PBS Kids Kids' Planet
Nature Critter Guide PBS Virtual Fish Tank
Smithsonian National Zoo MARE's Build a Fish
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Switcheroo Zoo *
Creature Feature National Geographic Oakland Zoo
Animal Videos National Geographic San Diego Zoo
Franklin Institute Animal Index Lincoln Park Zoo
Animal Bytes Seaworld/Busch Gardens Philadelphia Zoo
Canadian Museum of Nature Animal Planet
Young People's Trust for the Environment Polar Pairs
Kidport: Animals Library The Bear Den
Kidport: Who Eats What? Nature Works
Kidport: The Animal Kingdom The Journey North
Jurassic Park Institute Dinopedia eNature Field Guides
Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online Science News for Kids
BrainPOP Jr Hibernation Yahoo! Kids Animals
BrainPop Jr Camouflage Wild Arctic Fun Guide
BrainPOP Jr Migration
BrainPOP Diversity of Life
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Utah Education Network Animal Adaptions How Animals Meet Their Needs
Utah Education Network Animal Defense Ecokids Animal Adaptions
Animals on Defense University of Richmond Camouflage Field Book *
Adaptions Adventure Univ. of Richmond Webquest Insect Camouflage and Mimicry
Structural & Behavioral Adaptations Exploring Hide & Seek
Seeing Through Camouflage Grid* Bird Adaptations - Feet
Seeing Through Camouflage Multiple Choice* Bird Adaptations - Beaks
Animals, Adaptions & the Galapagos Islands Create a Bird *
Coloration Animal Adaptations Webquest
Night Vision Animal Adaptations Dirtmeister
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Biology of Plants The Great Plant Escape *
Plants Enchanted Learning
Water Movement in Plants Dirtmeister
Science News for Kids Kidport: How Plants Grow
BrainPOP Photosynthesis BrainPOP Seed Plants
BrainPOP Plant Growth BrainPOP Carnivorous Plants
BrainPOP Pollination BrainPOP Jr Plant Life Cycle
  BrainPOP Jr Parts of a Plant
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Oceans & Seas Enchanted Learning Kidport: Life in the Sea
Ocean Animals Enchanted Learning Life on the Rocky Shore
http://www.fi.edu/fellows/fellow8/dec98/main.html Franklin Institute BrainPOP Underwater World
Ology: Marine Biology Amer. Museum of Nat. History BrainPOP Oceans
Journey to the Bottom of the Sea * BrainPOP Ocean Currents
Virtual Great Barrier Reef National Geographic* BrainPOP Tides
Virtual Tide Pool PBS BrainPOP Ocean Floor
Blue World TV
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KS2 Bitesize Living Things (Ages 7-11) Science Quizzes (Ages 5-11)
KS2 Bitesize Materials Science Clips (Ages 5-7)
KS2 Bitesize Physical Processes Primary Science (Ages 4-11)
KS3 Bitesize Biology (Ages 11-16) What is Weather?
KS3 Bitesize Chemistry Digger and the Gang
KS3 Bitesize Physics  
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Exploratorium Digital Library Concept Maps for Math & Science
Exploratorium Microscope Imaging Station
Engineering Pathway
Ask NSDL Exploratorium Exhibits
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National Geographic for Kids Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Engineering Resources (ASEE) Steve Spangler Making Science Fun
Tree of Life Biodiversity Project Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab
Digital Library for Earth Systems Education Science Wow Factory
National Geographic Video Player Utah Education Network Science
Digital Library for Earth Science Education Science from the Poles
GMAbility – Energy & Ecology US Geological Survey Education Site
Environmental Education Resources Envision Your World
Science News for Kids Puzzle Zone
NSTA SciGuides
Science Dictionaries Enchanted Learning Scott Foresman Science
I Know That: Science NatureServe
Biodiversity American Museum of Nat. History Teach Engineering
Earth American Museum of Nat. History Mr. Nussbaum Science
Science Labeling Game Scholastic*
BrainPop Science
The eSkeletons Project BrainPop Jr Science
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