Principals Message

"I believe in you, you can do it, I won't give up on you and effort counts. " These are four very powerful statements that can make a difference in the live of those around us. There is clear research that concluded these statements can raise student performance. During the first few weeks of school, in talking with teachers and parents it was clear that we expect a lot of students at Mary Rowlandson and are continually looking for ways to help them succeed. In reviewing the performance data of the school and looking at ways to improve, staff and parents believed we need to support student in giving their best effort and to encourage them to persevere. As a result, every morning fifth grade students do morning announcements with the Pledge of Allegiance and a version of the statements listed above. The staff has worked to create a Mary Rowlandson Promise. A promise that we make to students and one they make to themselves. The next time homework seems challenging try referencing the promise to help remind the students we are in this together and they can succeed at whatever they try.

The Mary Rowlandson Promise
My work is important, I will always work hard.
People believe in me and I believe in myself.
I won't give up and I will not give up on you.
My effort counts so I will always try.
I am proud to be me here at MRE