Teaching and Learning

Vision for Learning

The Nashoba Regional School District actively works to build a learning culture rooted in academic excellence and equity by creating, sustaining, and constantly improving curricula and elevating instructional practices that lead to high-quality learning experiences for all students. We strive to cultivate the enduring skills, practices, and competencies needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe that social-emotional learning is an integral part of the educational experience and therefore work to integrate this learning into student experience to support the development of the whole child. We are committed to providing rigorous, innovative, and clearly aligned curricula that inspire, engage, and challenge every student such that all students realize their unique potential and become active contributors to their community.

The Nashoba Regional School District Curriculum

  • is aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in each discipline, including alignment to National Standards for specific disciplines, content areas, and practice standards;

  • is aligned with and supports the Nashoba Regional School District Strategic Plan, 2022-2027 and the School Improvement Plans created by our schools;

  • ensures that skills, concepts, essential questions, and enduring understandings build sequentially from one grade to the next;

  • provides multiple opportunities for student growth and proficiency by ensuring maximum accessibility for students with disabilities and Multilingual Learners, and offers students who have achieved proficiency the opportunity to extend and expand their learning;

  • is centered in the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL);

  • cultivates the Portrait of A Nashoba Graduate Competencies: communication, creativity, empathy, a learner’s mindset, perseverance, and culturally competent global citizen; 

  • has a purposeful focus on social-emotional learning and the development of culturally responsive teaching practices.

Laura Friend
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning  

Laura Pagington
Curriculum Director, English Language Arts and Social Studies 

Kandice McBrearty
Curriculum Director, Math and Science

Jed Stefanowicz
Director of Digital Learning & Innovation

All students, regardless of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, limited English proficiency, sexual orientation, disability, or housing status, have equal access to the general education program and the full range of any occupational/vocational education programs offered by the District.